Sex Related Issues

Sex Related Issues

Sex is an important part of all our lives, one that is hidden under layers of taboos and stereotypes. Navigating through sex related concerns on your own can be very alienating and stressful. We understand that providing a safe space can be the first step to acknowledge problems in this area. It is also important to understand how psychological states can impact sex related issues, if there are no biological bases to the said concern. Sex related issues can manifest differently for different individuals but therapy can provide a customised approach to address the concerns unique to you, while offering you a safe and non-judgmental space.

Every passing day, we unknowingly end up setting unrealistic goals for ourselves through the content we consume and the things we see and believe. A porn addiction is just one of the addictive consequences of a disconnection with reality and the pursuit of superficial goals. Just like any other addiction, a supervised approach which holds you accountable whilst supporting you in a non judgmental way can go a long way in motivating individuals to create change. At Healing Anonymously, we offer remedial therapy for those battling excessive porn addiction.

Sex addiction is a debilitating psychological disorder with strenuous impacts on one’s overall physical, emotional and mental well-being. When left untreated sex addiction can lead to serious consequences and cause relationships, work and lifetime issues. Sex Addiction can be treated with the help of psychotherapy that aims to resolve underlying causes. Please note that treatment for sex addiction does not involve any sexual or physical contact with the therapist and it is purely a session based on communication.

While masturbation or stimulating oneself sexually is healthy and helps relieve stress at times, feeling the urge to engage in the act repeatedly could lead to disruption in one’s daily activities. Therapy can help identify if your masturbation needs are excessive and strategize to channel your energy in other more constructive pursuits.

Sex related issues like Erectile Dysfunction or Vaginismus can lead to scary and confusing experiences. While these issues often have a biological component, the condition can be further exacerbated by the associated stress, mental pressure to perform or the fear of experiencing pain. It is important to seek professional help for both biological and psychological components of sex related issues to ensure a healthy and safe sex life.









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