Performance Issues

Performance Issues

No matter which life situation it is, if we are unable to perform when we are expected to, it can destroy our self-confidence, our self-esteem and trick us into thinking that we are not good enough. Performance related issues are most common at workspaces; with extreme demands on our mental abilities and time it can be difficult to strike the right balance and deliver what is expected from us. Academics is another area where our performance can deeply influence the avenues we can access for our future careers. Individuals often end up facing performance issues in their personal lives as well, whether it comes to addressing or interacting with people on a daily basis or not being able to give your best sexually. At Healing Anonymously, we understand the impacts of performance related issues and we know what it takes to heal them and restore individuals to their best level of performance, personally, professionally and socially.

Imagine waking up on a sunny Monday morning and feeling grumpy at the very thought of going to the office. Have you thought of excuses for not going to work because it seems like no matter what you do, you will never be enough? You will be surprised to know that this problem is encountered by so many professionals when they simply feel that their presence or efforts wouldn’t make a difference because they are simply not good enough. When unnoticed, this performance pressure can build up and eventually lead to disruptions in your life. At Healing Anonymously, we help you to understand your beliefs about your abilities, the demands placed on you and find a common ground where both these constructs coincide.

The human mind is a monkey. Bouncing hither and thither at every ball that life throws at it and having an attention span that is too short to get anything done. Do you think that you could get more done if only you were able to focus? Do you seem to check your phone every now and then or just think of one or the other distraction? Do you wish you could excel in life and concentrate better? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then we are here to help you find solutions by transforming your ability to concentrate and give you the power to focus. The ability to pay attention is rare these days, but the silver lining is that it is a skill one can work on and get better at. Sessions aimed at this concern will help you to build your concentration gradually using scientific techniques.

When a person is too scared of performing well, then they often end up not performing at all. Do you think that you can really do better in your academic life but somehow you are just unable to? Do you often see your studies and goals going for a toss just because you can’t help being scared of the outcome? If this seems to be relatable for you, then we can help you in getting out of this performance driven rattrap and help you unveil your real potential. With an approach that assesses your inner beliefs and leads you to the solution, this session will enable you to tackle all your academic issues and help you give your best for your academic performance.

When we have no control on our feeling of inadequacy, the belief “I am not good enough” starts creeping into our personal and intimate life and can even cause issues in our sexual life. One of the most common performance issues yet the least talked about, this issue bothers both males as well as females and sometimes becomes the reason behind crumbling relationships. Sexual problems are often veiled and not discussed openly. Talking to a therapist can offer you a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about these concerns and address them with the help of an expert.

Clammy hands, Rapid heartbeats, shivering body, quaking legs are just a few of the many things an individual has to experience when they suffer from stage fright. When was the last time you went up on stage and spoke confidently? Do you wish you could be as good an orator as the people whose TED speeches you absolutely adore? If you relate a bit too much with what we are saying, chances are that you suffer from stage fright and it is vital for you to get over it before it gets above you. At Healing Anonymously, we help individuals with stage fright face their stage fear and become a perfect Pro at public speaking and performance. Through a well-driven approach of understanding the reasons behind your stage fright and learning how to not let it overpower you through therapy, you can become a confident speaker.









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