Clinical Concerns

Clinical Concerns

1 out of every 5 individuals faces a clinical concern, once in their lifetime. Clinical concerns are more severe than other behavioural issues because they are linked to the Neurochemistry of our brains. Our moods and mental stability is a result of several self-regulated microsystems constantly working within our bodies. For some of us, there can be a slight disturbance in one of these micro systems, which can lead to a clinical issue. It is important to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you see signs of a Clinical concern in yourself or your loved ones. It is more common than you think. People with these concerns are not mad or crazy, they are suffering from something that is a result of their biological and environmental ecosystems. Please consult a Psychiatrist if you see signs of any Clinical concerns. Please do not self-diagnose using the internet.

A debilitating mental experience that affects half of the world, anxiety is hard to go through, but possible to be managed well when needed. While stress is a part of normalcy and affects each and every person, anxiety occurs only in some of us when stress becomes chronic or when we are simply unable to cope up with it. Anxiety can be managed well with the help of some guidance, a sense of direction and coping strategies that can help an individual regain freedom from constant worrying. This is what we, at Healing Anonymously offer through our specialized therapy sessions for anxiety.

Depression affects a large number of people in the world regardless of their gender, age, status, social circles or achievements. When a person is depressed, they are unable to function well in life and end up living a life in darkness and gloom. It can feel all-consuming and endless. Therapy can help you understand what is at the root of these dark feelings and help you to make the experience more bearable.

Imagine spending a day when your heart races all day long, your head feels dizzy for no apparent reason, you spend every moment in fear and when you keep panicking about even the most trivial of things. Sounds like a nightmare of a day, doesn’t it? Except, that this is how a normal day in the life of a person suffering from panic disorder looks like. Panic disorders are an outcome of extreme anxiety or exposure to stressful situations. If you often feel that you are surrounded by a feeling of impending doom with extreme worry and panic even when there seems to be nothing to panic about, then know that you are not the only one. Panic Disorders affect a high percentage of the world population and can be easily treated through therapy. We, at Healing Anonymously, can help you defeat your panic disorder through a careful regimen of cognitive behavioural therapy, empathy and an awareness of the root cause.

Sometimes society’s harsh opinions can leave an impression so strong that individuals can end up destroying their quality of life by neglecting their bodies. Eating disorders are a common psychological condition that mostly affects teenagers, adolescents and even grown adults. Whether you try to fill the void in your life by food or if you try to remove the void by depriving your body of it, eating disorders are a tragic result of others’ opinions about you. At Healing Anonymously, we help you in choosing the path towards health by resolving the root cause behind your eating disorder and resolving the issues that led you towards this direction.

Self-harm is a particularly difficult area to understand. This is more commonly seen in teenagers and young adults. It also affects women more often than men. The urge to harm oneself physically could exist due to a number of reasons, some immediate and others more long term. It is also a cry for help for a lot of individuals. If you engage in self harm or know someone who does, please take this seriously. Do not undermine it as attention seeking behavior. Self-harm is known to co-exist with one or more other mental health concerns. Therapy can help you understand the relationship you have with yourself and the reasons used to justify harming oneself.









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