Interpersonal Relationship

Interpersonal Relationships

Our Interpersonal relationships are one of the most important aspects of our life that shape us mentally and emotionally. They also determine our choices and direction in life. Interpersonal troubles are a part of being human and almost every human being faces such troubles at a certain juncture in their life. The problem does not arise when interpersonal troubles happen, but it arises slowly when we fail to take the right steps to resolve them as and when they occur. Do you often feel that you are bad at managing your interpersonal relationships? Do your closest relationships stress you out? At Healing Anonymously, we specialize in counselling and therapy sessions that aim towards resolving interpersonal troubles using a remedial procedure of conversing, understanding and de-cluttering emotions.

Our family is the foundation of our life. Your connection or the lack there of with your family can deeply influence your beliefs, thinking patterns, behaviors and even your ability to attach with others when you grow up. Family provides the first exposure to interpersonal contact and a space to fulfil our emotional needs. However, if these needs are not met adequately, emotional wounds can fester and lead to resentment and unrealistic expectations in other relationships. Often we end up facing issues such as lack of understanding, lack of attention, affection or even lack of validation from the people that are closest to us or whom we live with. If you often feel that your mental health is being compromised by your family member’s behavior and the general family environment then therapy can offer you a safe space to reflect and communicate your needs clearly.

The bond that a person shares with their spouse or partner is one that cannot be compared with any other relationship. Your partner is your chosen friend for life, your confidante forever and more importantly your mental and emotional support system. It is a pain for us to see romantic relationships fade away or break off due to issues that could have been resolved with a bit of guidance, better communication and empathy. Some common concerns that can adversely affect our romantic relationships include;

  • Intellectual incompatibility
  • Communication Gap
  • Sexual issues
  • Infidelity

Healing Anonymously has a team of Queer friendly Mental Health Professionals to ensure that individuals from the LGBTQ community feel comfortable and safe seeking help.

A person’s peer group has a big role to play in determining their attitudes, their life choices, their behaviour and their personality. We all crave support, honesty and loyalty from our friends however, friendships can also go through rough phases and breakups. If you are facing issues that you attribute to your social circle, then seeking therapy can help address your feelings and clarify what you’re seeking from the particular friendship.









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